Duralex®, For everyone, every day, forever

For everyone, for every day and for always, produced in France at La Chapelle Saint Mesmin since 1945.

The table brings people together, invites them to be carefree. It is a haven, a landmark. Duralex® understands this. That's why, since 1945, our brand has drawn its inspiration from this French-style freedom, and strives every day to offer healthy, sustainable and renewable products. A brand with French know-how, fully integrated into the socio-economic fabric of our country. A brand that is free and strong, elegant and everyday, modern and timeless.
Our glass, with its incomparable tempering, has always withstood the shocks and eras it has lived through. Today, more than ever, it has a place on our tables, and has become a true benchmark! Our products are still on every table, whether you're in a bistro or at home, having lunch with the family or celebrating an event, whether you're in France, Spain, the United States or Japan.
Nostalgic French people have kept from their childhood the reflex of spotting that little number at the bottom of the glass, the one that has written so many stories! All Duralex® products are still made in France, and their materials are durable. They have become timeless design icons, designed to be both functional and beautiful. Because behind these icons, created to last, is a whole universe that the brand houses with simplicity and creativity. So many everyday essentials that bring true freedom of spirit and movement to every moment of our lives.