The iconic brand

Duralex® lenses were born in France. But today they travel all over the world. From China to the United States and Brazil, our tumblers embody the French way of life and elegance.

The paragon of the ordinary object, they have become much more than simple tumblers. From their first appearance on canteen carts, these living icons of design are now appearing on the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants, in films and in museums.

Duralex gammes verres ultra résistants fabriqués en France

Now a staple on every table, they are an ode to the simple pleasures of everyday life, an invitation to share, a bridge between generations.

Immerse yourself in their history for a few lines, and discover how their legacy has left its mark on the minds of young and old alike.

The glass madeleine

Duralex Et toi tu as quel âge ?

"I'm 29!", "I'm 7!", "And I'm 32, I won!". Over time, it has become a myth. In canteens all over France, generations of schoolchildren have had fun comparing their imaginary ages using the numbers inscribed on the bottom of each Duralex® glass.

More than a tableware item, Duralex® glasses are the guardians of a timeless ritual. An unspoken pact between children who dream of growing up, and nostalgic adults. A bridge between eras, capable of withstanding all shocks.

The Gigogne takes flight®

Timeless and unchanging, Duralex® glass has stood the test of time, but remains up to date. Our first model, the Le Gigogne tumbler®, left our workshops in 1946. And its recipe hasn't changed since.

With its round, harmonious shape, the Le Gigogne® is a delight on tables the world over. In canteens and bistros, of course. But also those of the greatest Michelin-starred restaurants. And maybe even yours?

Duralex Le Gigogne Duralex Le Gigogne

Star of the silver screen

A celebrity never travels alone. In 1954, our first glass, Le Picardie®, was released. It was an instant success. Its nine facets, bevelled profile and bold lines soon made it a tableware staple.

The red carpet was rolled out for it in kitchens and cinemas alike. You may have noticed it in the film Skyfall, when, seated at the counter of a crowded bar, England's most famous spy sips his whisky from a Picardie® tumbler. Had he looked at the bottom of his glass, would he have discovered the numbers 007?

James Bond isn't the only one to appreciate Duralex glasses®. The iconic French glass appears in several Hollywood blockbusters. For example, he inspired Martin Scorsese in Gangs of News-York, where he stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz.

Director Woody Allen also put this cult cup in the spotlight, proudly displaying it in the hands of the heroine of his 2013 film Blue Jasmine.

The centerpiece

Duralex® glass first became known for its extraordinary strength, typically French elegance and strong character. But in reality, it's its timeless, universal design that has made it the success it is today.

You may already have seen it in the collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, on the occasion of the "Éditer le design" exhibition in 2007. Or in the store windows of MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Duralex® is THE glass that makes everyone agree. When Real Madrid came to play in the European Cup at the Parc des Princes in 1956, the first thing the players did when they arrived in Paris was to buy Duralex tableware®.

For everyone, every day, forever

But rest assured. Despite its success, Duralex glass® has not forgotten its roots. It remains simple and true. To you, and to itself.

✔️ Our tumblers come out of the same workshops as in 1946. Since their birth, they have always been produced in France, in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, near Orléans.

✔️ The recipe for Duralex tempered glass® has not changed. And even after 70 years of production, we still control the quality of every batch.

✔️ Today there are over 350 models in the Duralex® range: cups, plates, salad bowls... But our first tumblers, the Gigogne® and the Picardie® are still in business.

Behind these design icons lies a whole universe that the brand houses with generosity and creativity. So many everyday essentials that bring true freedom of spirit and movement to every moment of your life.

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