• [MM] Freshbox - Transparent rectangular storage box


Rectangular box with lid Marine / 0.39L

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Product details

Duralex® Freshboxes reinvent our tables and fridges!

This 39 cl storage box is suitable for all uses:

To store sauce in the fridge (goodbye plastic film!)
To store food in the freezer for longer periods of timeTo store and preserve dry food in the cupboardTo transport strawberries for your office dessert without risk of breakageTo melt butter quickly in the microwave for your pastry (without the lid)
To prepare and present a vinaigrette on your table

...Let's let our imaginations run wild!

Duralex® rectangular boxes are space-saving, stackable and available in a range of sizes. Made from extremely strong tempered glass, these food tins are stain-resistant, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe and particularly hygienic thanks to their smooth, flat surface, which attracts very little bacteria.

This transparent Freshbox allows you to identify its contents at a glance. It comes with a navy or transparent plastic lid, depending on your preference!

Duralex® preserving tins, unclassifiable

Duralex® glass is renowned for its extreme resistance to mechanical and thermal shock:

  • Duralex® glass cans are up to 6 times more resistant than conventional glass cans.
  • These preserving tins withstand thermal shock of at least 130°C (excluding lid).
  • Duralex® has pioneered the tempered glass manufacturing process since 1945.
  • Origine France Garantie for glass cans.


Wash before first use. Avoid abrasive cleaners. For longer life, we recommend washing the lid by hand.


Microwave safe without lid (risk of deformation).

No compatibility

Non-watertight product, not suitable for transporting liquid foods, keep flat. Do not use on a hob or in a conventional oven, do not place on a surface that is too hot.