Tableware from around the world: discover iconic Duralex products in each country

Tableware of the world: discover iconic Duralex products in every country

Duralex glasses® were born in France. And even today, all our cups are made in our historic workshops in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, near Orléans.

But our world tableware now travels to the four corners of the globe. From China to the United States, via Brazil, it embodies French elegance.

Many of our glasses have become international stars. This is particularly true of the Le Picardie®which can be seen in museums and on the silver screen.

However, from one region to another, specific characteristics emerge. Today, we present our most popular glasses from Italy, Chad and even Mongolia.

In France: Le Gigogne®

In France, the game was quickly decided. The undisputed winner, your favorite from the start, is again and again Le Gigogne®our star tumbler, with its generous curves and timeless design.

It's found on canteen tables everywhere, where generations of schoolchildren have played at guessing their age from the bottom of this iconic glass. But Le Gigogne® is also very present in our homes, and even on the tables of top restaurants.

In people's minds, it's the cup that bounces but doesn't break. And we all remember the noise this glass makes on the tiles. The secret of its solidity? It's because we use tempered glass, which is up to 6 times more resistant than conventional glass.

In Spain: green tableware

Duralex® glasses are also popular with our Spanish neighbors. So much so, in fact, that in 1956, when the Real Madrid players arrived in Paris to play in the European Cup, the first thing they did was buy Duralex tableware®.

In the Iberian Peninsula, it's more than a model, it's a color that's catching on in Spanish homes. Glasses, plates, salad bowls... Over there, our range of green tableware can be found on every family table.

If the Duralex brand is so popular on this side of the border, it's also because for a long time, some of our legendary glasses have been produced locallyin the small town of Azuqueca de Henares.

In Italy: Amalfi cups

Change of scenery. We're now packing our bags and heading for Italy. In the land of la dolce vita, coffee is king. Most often, it's drunk from an Amalfi cupon the terrace or at the bar, surrounded by friends.

These cups are rather small: they don't hold more than 17 cl. But that's more than enough for a coffee. Especially as it's drunk black, very short and very strong. So, to savor it even better, sip it in small gulps.

In Africa: the Provence glass and the Lys dish

And on other continents, which Duralex products® are the most popular? In Africa, two candidates stand out. First, there's the Provencewith its fine beveled facets and beautiful transparency.

In Chad, it's often used to serve tea. But not just any tea. For in this country, tea is very concentrated and very strong, almost like a shot. It's a bit like the Italian coffees we talked about earlier.

In North Africa, it's the Lys vermeil serving dish serving dish, with its warm, friendly colors that don't fade, even after years. They are particularly popular for family meals and celebrations, especially during Ramadan.

In Asia: bowls with ears and Lys vermeil glass

Finally, Duralex® glasses are also exported to Asia. There, they are so well known that they have already been plagiarized by a dozen companies. A Chinese company was even condemned after selling counterfeits under the name of... Durelax.

In Mongolia, our best-seller is the ear bowl. Children use them to drink yak milk before leaving for school. The advantage of this timeless design is that the ears allow you to hold the bowl without burning yourself. And it's very sturdy.

In other countries, such as Thailand, it's the Lys Vermeil glass which beats all records. It's used as a water glass, but also as a measuring glass for elaborate coffee and tea recipesLys Vermeil is particularly resistant to thermal shock.

Duralex®: everywhere and for everyone

That's all for this quick tour of the world of Duralex products®. We hope these few lines have taken you on a bit of a journey, and we wish you a wonderful summer!

The Duralex team