End-of-year table decorations: 5 ideas to dazzle your guests

End-of-year table decorations: 5 ideas to dazzle your guests

The end-of-year festivities are approaching. And what better way to delight your guests than with beautiful table decorations? If you're looking to go all out this year, here are 5 table decorating ideas for an exceptional holiday season.

How do you set your festive table?

Whether you opt for a traditional table setting or a modern, elegant one, the success of your festive table decor depends on 3 key elements:

  • Table linen
  • Festive tableware
  • Accessories

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to choose and combine these 3 decorative elements to dazzle your guests.

What color for your festive table linen?

First step: the tablecloth. It sets the tone for the rest of your decoration. For a traditional table setting, you can opt for a red or green tablecloth. With or without patterns.

Timeless and timeless, white is also a great classic for your end-of-year table. As well as evoking a pretty carpet of immaculate snow, a white tablecloth will suit all styles and tastes.

How to choose your festive tableware?

Let's get down to business. Because when you think of a festive table, you think of exceptional tableware. And just the thing: since 1945, Duralex® has been producing 100% French tableware of unrivalled quality.

With 7 colors available in our range of glasses and plates, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating your end-of-year table. To help you find inspiration, we've prepared 5 examples of Christmas table settings made in Duralex®.

  • Polar table decorations

  • If you've opted for a North Pole-style decor, you can use our Picardie® marine. Pair them with a white tablecloth and silver cutlery to transport your guests straight to the North Pole.

  • Natural table decorations

  • For all-natural festivities, opt for our new color: jungle green. jungle green. Dare to combine raw materials such as wood, wicker and linen. And sublimate it all with a host of potted or hanging green plants. With this lush holiday table setting, your guests will feel as if they've stepped into a veritable urban jungle. A change of scenery guaranteed!

  • Bohemian table decor

  • Prefer a more artistic decor? Opt for a set of vermeil platesto match a beautiful white or ecru tablecloth. Pair your tableware with natural materials like wood, bamboo or rattan. Top it all off with dried flowers for a free-spirited, poetic holiday table setting.

  • Chic table decor

  • If you want to move away from the eternal red and green for your Christmas table decor, offer your guests a chic and trendy New Year's Eve by opting for deep blue tablewarewhich you can sublimate with a few touches of gold.

  • Scandinavian table decor

  • Want to capitalize on the hygge trend? For several years now, the Danish art of living has been making its way into French homes for the festive season. For a Scandinavian decor, set your table with no-frills crockery. And if you can, opt for sober tones such as plum or sepia.

    Decoration accessories for your festive table?

    It's the finishing touch. The little details that will make your festive table a unique and convivial place to share. There are several options here, depending on your tastes and desires. Choose one or two, but no more. If you don't, your table decor may be too busy.

    Option 1: Candles

    If you're looking for a cozy, intimate setting, candles are a must. Avoid scented candles. Their scent, combined with that of the delicious food you're about to prepare, could disturb your guests.

    For an inexpensive holiday table decoration, you can buy pretty, colorful candles and place them in a® Duralex glass filled with sand. In addition to being a source of light, these improvised candleholders will bring a little sweetness to your festive table.

    What's more, why not let yourself be tempted by our our limited edition candlesavailable only on our website?

    Option 2: Plants

    What could be better than a little greenery to dress up your festive table? To enhance your table setting, place fir branches between the plates. With this plant-based table runner, you're sure to stay in keeping with the holiday theme.

    And if you prefer something more flowery? Place a few bouquets of flowers in colored glasses. You can even cover your flowers in gold or silver to add a touch of fun to your table setting.

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can combine these vegetal touches with our jungle green tableware. Forget the cold and dreariness of winter for the duration of a meal. And take your guests on a journey to the heart of a natural, wild and relaxing universe.

    Option 3: Gingerbread

    For gourmet festivities, you can make gingerbread. Then use molds to give your edible decoration original shapes. House, star, Christmas tree, let your creativity run wild.

    Children will love this family activity. It's a great opportunity to get together in the kitchen before dinner. As for your guests, they won't miss a moment of your Christmas table decorations.

    What color for your festive table?

    There's no shortage of ideas for bringing color to your holiday table. However, to avoid errors of taste, limit yourself to two colors.

    This year, the most popular color combinations to decorate a holiday table are :

    • Red and gold
    • The vermeil and sapphire
    • Red and white
    • Green and gold
    • Plum and vermeil
    • Red and green
    • Black and gold

    Get inspired by these trends to create a Christmas or New Year's table that reflects your personality. Happy New Year!