Duralex / Set of glasses / LE PICARDIE®
  • [MM] Le Picardie® - Mixed set of 18 glasses 25cl, 31cl, 36cl
Duralex / Set of glasses / LE PICARDIE®


25 cl, 31 cl and 36 cl all-purpose glasses Marine

18 Glasss

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Choosing Duralex means consuming responsibly and sustainably.

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Timeless models that can be kept for a long time and passed on!


100% tempered glass


Withstands hot and cold beverages

EN 1183 standard thermal shock 130°C

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The STAR of your table!

Since 1954, the Le Picardie® water glass, with its beveled curves, has been reinventing our tables!
These Duralex® 25 cl,31 cl & 50 cl water glasses are suitable for all uses:

...arranged on a white table with a linen table runner and navy-blue Le Picardie® plates for a serene decor that invites you to take to the open seas
filled with refreshing drinks to quench your thirst for a long time thanks to their large volumes

...Let's let our imaginations run wild!

The Picardie® has made numerous film appearances, playing mainly water-glass roles. Finally, drinking from a glass of Le Picardie® navy blue water is like replaying a scene from one of your favorite movies.

The cast of this set is :

- 6 navy blue Le Picardie® 25 cl glasses

- 6 Le Picardie® 31 cl navy-blue glasses

- 6 Le Picardie® 50 cl navy-blue glasses

This navy-blue table glass recalls the blue of the sky and sea, and brings a Mediterranean style to table settings. This navy-blue color is enhanced by the brilliance of Duralex® tempered glass, and will remain over time as an integral part of the glass.

Duralex® glass, unclassifiable

Duralex® glass is renowned for its extreme resistance to mechanical and thermal shock :

  • Duralex® table glass is up to 6 times stronger than conventional table glass.
  • These water glasses resist thermal shock of at least 130°C.
  • Duralex® has pioneered the tempered glass manufacturing process since 1945.
  • Origine France Garantie.


Wash before first use. Do not use abrasive cleaners.



No compatibility

Do not use on a hob or in a conventional oven.