New: Duralex® glasses go green for St. Patrick's Day

So, we're not waiting for Patrick? This March 17, Ireland is in the spotlight! And for the occasion, we've revisited some of the greatest classics of French tableware.

(Re)discover the Lys plates, the Le Gigogne salad bowl® or the Le Picardie glasses® in several colors, including an original jungle green. And take advantage of a 30% discount on a selection of our glasses, mugs and plates.

What to do for Saint Patrick's Day?

Today, St. Patrick's Day extends beyond the borders of Ireland. Cities around the world have embraced the festivities. Every March 17, Chicago, for example, colors its river green in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.

France is no exception. In Paris, the Moulin Rouge and the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, for example, have adopted an emerald color scheme for St. Patrick's Day. And on the evening of March 17, pubs are often packed to the rafters.

For the tradition of St. Patrick's Day, beyond the green garments, three-leaf clovers and leprechaun hats, those little leprechauns who are part of Irish folklore, is also about enjoying an authentic Irish beer.

And what better way to enhance these moments with friends than by serving your hoppy brew in one of Duralex's legendary beer glasses? Our favorite choices: theUnie, with its round, comforting shapes. Or the timeless Le Picardie®, with its elegant beveled facets.

What to eat on Saint Patrick's Day?

You can also take advantage of Saint Patrick's Day to discover Irish gastronomy. Wake up your taste buds with a delicious Irish stew, or a plate of fish and chips, another classic Irish dish.

To keep with the St. Patrick's Day theme, you can serve these tasty dishes in our jungle green tableware. The Lys plates or the Le Gigone salad bowl® will enhance your kitchen and delight your guests.

And if you want to extend the festivities, you can also prepare an Irish coffee. Mix 1.5 cl cane sugar syrup, 2 cl crème fraîche, 4 cl coffee and 3 cl bourbon or whisky. Serve in a green Versaille mug.

The big plus? With Duralex, your glass falls but doesn't break. Our products are made of tempered glass, making them on average 3.5 times more resistant than conventional glasses. Enough to withstand all your St. Patrick's Day parties, and more.

But that's not all. Our tableware is also mass-tinted. This means that instead of coating our glasses with a thin layer of spray paint, we add minerals (which are not harmful to health) directly into the glass when it's in its liquid state.

The result? When the glass solidifies, it captures the minerals. Your dishes stay green. And the color stays bright. Even after years.

How to decorate your table for Saint Patrick's Day?

In addition to your green tableware, you can decorate your St. Patrick's Day table with moss spheres and candleholders. To take things a step further, you can also scatter a few (fake) gold coins across your table.

A few plant accents and an old horseshoe (for good luck) can also enhance your St. Patrick's Day table decorations. Place them sparingly on a white tablecloth.

By the way, did you know that the original color of St. Patrick's Day was blue, not green? It was only after the Irish rebellion of 1798 that green became the new official color.

St. Patrick's Day tradition dictates that you should wear green on this day to bring good luck. And because Duralex doesn't mess around with legends, we're offering a 30% discount on a selection of our famous green tableware.